Re: unicode failure with inputenc package

r <inpost@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
Upon further thought, with the instruction to use utf8 and the
inputenc package, why does latex accept my tex files being created in
utf8 text encoded text editor, yet fail to accept a utf8 character
within those very same utf8 encoded text files?


the utf8 code in inputenc is extremely tricky, and it relies on each
character having a separate definition.

because this is a space hog, it doesn't even try to set up characters
it doesn't believe you can typeset (you tell it what you can typeset
via your fontenc declarations).

all of this is a mess, which derives from tex only being able to deal
with fonts with at most 256 glyphs in them.

otoh, xetex, which people have suggested you use, uses opentype fonts
which can, in principle, contain a glyph for every registered unicode
code point. you don't need a macro to access that -- just the unicode
Robin Fairbairns, Cambridge

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