Re: unicode failure with inputenc package

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What to do if I want all utf8 character encoding to be accepted
automatically for all tex documents that I create?

don't even imagine (ordinary) latex or pdflatex is useful.

I think xe(la)tex is going to be a good idea!

Well, I've now got this version:

This is pdfTeXk, Version 3.141592-1.40.5 (Web2C 7.5.6)
%&-line parsing enabled.

that's tex live 2007 -- have you just installed that?

tex live includes a more-or-less working xetex (and hence xelatex).

Now I haven't got a dvi viewer; xdvi command no longer exists. Can't
seem to install either. What is the program to view dvi files?

xdvi views dvi files. with so little to go on, my only assumption is
that you've suppressed the installation of xdvi (since it's a standard
part of tex live). it's possible you suppressed it unwittingly, or
that the copy you have wilfully suppresses dvi use anywhere, or that
the copy you have provides xdvi as a separate package.

start a new thread describing how you got to where you are. at the
start of this thread you were using tetex; now you are using tex live
with no working xdvi, but you have given us no hint how you got there.
Robin Fairbairns, Cambridge

I don't know either and gave up. So, I un-installed texlive (didn't
work, didn't like it) and returned to tetex. Then I removed the
unicode character and replaced with:


So the result would be 0 DegC.

I tried to install tetexunicoderpm but received conflict error with
tetexlatex30381mdv20080i586, so gave up trying that. Luckily I'm
writing in english will not need unicode for now. If anyone know how
to resolve this conflict, thanks.