Re: "Package keyval error" in loading figure to LaTeX document.

kkirtac <kadir.kirtac@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi, i have mikTeX 2.7 installed and am using WinEdt for editing. I
created my figure in matlab and saved as 'fig1.eps' and moved it to
the same directory with my .tex document. I try to load it in my .tex
document by,

\caption{dummy} \label{fig1}

i compile it with latex command but always receive the error :
'Package keyval error: width=3in undefined.' I have both included
graphics, graphicx and epsfig packages..need help, thanks in advance..

A minimal example would be helpful, probably the catcode of `=' is
different than the usual catcode 12/other.
For example, some languages use `=' as shorthand in babel
(turkish, ...). Then the equal sign has catcode 13/active.
This can be solved by using \shorthandoff:


Or the key value parser of package `kvsetkeys' can be used:


\section{Hello World}

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