multilingual biblatex bibliographies (babel)

I've been playing around with biblatex for a while now, and nearly
everything I have tried so far has worked fine. But there is this
problem with the babel support that is described in the documentation:
the bibliography entries are always typeset in the standard language
defined by the bable package. So basically, string replacement works,
but I'd like to have, for instance, German publications with "(Hg.)"
and English ones with "(ed.)". If I put \selectlanguage{} before
\printbibliography, the title of the bibliography appears in the given
language, but none of the bibliography entries respond to the command.
Of course I have tried the "hyphenation" field, as proposed in the
documentation, setting the "babel" option at \usepackage{biblatex} to
"other", but the babel definition seems to override any other babel
command when it comes to the bibliography entries. The "hyphenation"
field does however request the desired language, as there is an error
message if that language is not loaded by the babel package. In short:
biblatex itself seems to work fine, but its language definitions are
somehow totally ignored. Nor are the bibliography entries accessible
by any babel command. Only the basic definition in the preamble proves
that its not the functionality itself that causes the trouble. -- So
have I missed something important? It doesn't seem to be a difficult
thing to do according to the manual. And I don't think it is for me

Thanks for your answers.