Re: \special{papersize=x,y} do not always comes exact

Problem still remains the same as earller even after using the geometry
package, The problem is not that it never change the papersize to
defined x,y values, only in some cases like 8.25 x 11in papersize is
not working even if I used the geometry package (e.g.

I believe, dvips does some kind of approximation to next closest value
of papersize and thats by I couldn't get the exact trim size.

So actually is there any workaround done for this before? what I needs
to follow.


Rolf Niepraschk wrote:
david schrieb:

When I am using \special{papersize=8.25in,11in} in tex file, it is not
exactly coming in PS and then in converted PDF. It is approximating the
PDF size to 8.5in x 11in.

Can anyone suggest?

In the case of LaTeX you should better use


(works for "dvips/ps2pdf" and for "pdftex"). Another good way is

\documentclass[...,pagesize]{scrartcl}% or "scrreprt" or "scrbook"

(see also the KOMA-SCRIPT documentation)