Re: Sideways longtables in PDF

"Jantien" <jantien.sessink@xxxxxxxxx> schrieb:

Thank you for you help. I build the example code you made and it
worked. So I started to wonder why, because it looked exactly the same
as my code. Then I saw that you only use the two packages required for
the table. But my document uses much more packages. That's when I
started to add my packages to you example code and I found out it was
the color package that was causing the trouble. On top of my document I
added \usepackage[divps]{color}. A parently this doesn't work in pdf.

Yes, it isn't really not a good idea to confuse LaTeX or pdfLaTeX by
using wrong driver options ;-). dvips-specials in a pdf-document made
by pdfLaTeX can easily give troubles.

Ulrike Fischer
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