Re: Sideways longtables in PDF

Hello Ulrike,

Thank you for you help. I build the example code you made and it
worked. So I started to wonder why, because it looked exactly the same
as my code. Then I saw that you only use the two packages required for
the table. But my document uses much more packages. That's when I
started to add my packages to you example code and I found out it was
the color package that was causing the trouble. On top of my document I
added \usepackage[divps]{color}. A parently this doesn't work in pdf.
It doesn't cause any errors or warnings, but it does fight with the
\package{longtable, pdflscape} packages. My code was correct all along,
but it was something else that was causing the problem. Now I'm just
using \usepackage{color} and that works fine also.
I'm writing this back, so maybe this can help someone in the future.

Best regards,

Ulrike Fischer wrote:
"Jantien" <jantien.sessink@xxxxxxxxx> schrieb:


I'm trying to write a pdf that contains a few longtables that should be
printed sideways. I'm using the pdflscape package. This package does
turn the landscape pages, but it also turns the table. The table is now
standing verticaly (90 degreegs turned) and falling outside of the
page. I can only see the first two collumns, the rest is printed
outside the borders of the page. I hope you get an idea of how this
looks, it's hard to describe.

My code looks as follows:

\caption{caption lines}

I first builded this in postscript and it works very well in there. But
when I'm trying to build the same code in pfd it doesn't work. Can
someone please help me with this. How can I solve my problem?

How are you making the pdf? Can you provide a minimal example?

The following works fine for me (pdflatex, viewed with adobe reader).


\def\fo{foo & bar & baz\\\hline}


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