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tunga wrote:

I am a Lamer in Latex and trying to figure out what Latex2e is. I have
read most of the messages in the group regarding Latex2e.
However, it is still not very clear to me if the Latex2e package is a
collection of packages or is it a stand only, compact software?
According to this site, it is again a collection of programs:

Actually I have followed what this site told me to do and installed all
three programs.
But then why a sequence of installing the last versions of 3 programs
create a Latex2e version? Where can I now check that I have the Latex2e
version now?

If I am talking nonsense, then from where can I really download the
Latex2e version?

Maybe start with reading the FAQ, at

You need probably more than "3 programs". See
For Windows the Miktex distribution can be recommended, if you use
Linux maybe something like TeTeX is already installed.

Hope that helps,

Maarten Bergvelt