Re: error starting ps2pdf

buaanupt@xxxxxxxx wrote:
I am using WinEdt + MkTex systems.

After generating ps file, I use the "ps->pdf" icon in the toolbar to
generate the pdf file. However, I got the error information "error
starting ps2pdf!" message.

Can you pls give some comments on how to fix this problem? Thank you
very much.

First try it in a Command Prompt window (if you are using something
earlier than WinXP it's a DOS box):

type in

cd c:\directory\subdirectory...

to get into the right place. Then

dvips filename (no extension needed)

when that runs type

ps2pdf ( .ps extension needed!!)

and look at the *.pdf file . If it's ok your problem is in WinEdt
and you should address queries to the author. If it's not ok you
have problems with paths, most likely.

Julian V. Noble
Professor Emeritus of Physics
University of Virginia