Re: \footnote inheriting \emph => D'Oh!

blazar wrote:
Lars Madsen wrote:

which version of memoir are you using

The one included in TeXLive2005, which I hope to be recent enough...


no you're right there is a bug

But this is actually odd because a bug like this was actually fixed a year ago. It seems that this fix was in the mempatch file for a while and then disappeared.

Minimal example:



memoir.cls 2005/09/25 v1.618 configurable document class
mem10.clo 2002/07/27 v0.2 memoir class 10pt size option
mempatch.sty 2006/02/11 v4.5 Patches for memoir class v1.618

This seems to fix the problem


there was a misspelling, I'll notify the memoir author