Re: Somewhat of a 'thought' question: dvitoMS-Word?

Jay Belanger <belanger@xxxxxxxxxx>,
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JB> Robert Heller <heller@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
JB> > Does there exist an open-source, CLI-based (eg. non-interactive --
JB> > something I can include in a Makefile for example) program that will
JB> > convert a LaTeX or DVI file to something that MS-Word will understand as a
JB> > 'proper' MS-Word document?
JB> The _Converters from LaTeX to PC Textprocessors_ page
JB> mentions a couple, as well as some LaTeX to rtf converters. I have
JB> no idea how well they work, though.

The only one viable for me, latex2rtf, totally barfs on my resume, since
I am not using a class file it understands. This seems to be somewhat
of a dead end.

JB> Jay

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