Re: allow comments on PDF

Andreas Lobinger wrote:
Pablo wrote:
I am generating my PDF from latex and in Acrobat Reader I see that on
the security restrictions commenting is not allowed.
If I could change this restriction from LaTeX then it would be possible
to someone using Acrobat READER 7 to make comments on that file.
Do you know what is the command for that action?

To enable the comment function in the Reader (6/7) the document needs a specific digital signature. Adobe has published the method to sign the document but -of course- not the key.

Further, the EULA for Adobe Reader contains the following provisio:

4.3 Document Features. The Software may contain features and functionality that appear disabled or "grayed out" (the "Document Features"). The Document Features will only activate when opening certain PDF documents that have been created using corresponding enabling technology available only from Adobe ("Keys"). You agree not to access, or attempt to access, disabled Document Features or otherwise circumvent the permissions that control activation of such Document Features. You may only use the Document Features with PDF documents that have been enabled using Keys obtained under a valid license from Adobe. No other use is permitted.

Thus, it is almost certainly fair to assume that there is no solution that does not involve using the full version of Acrobat, or equivalent Adobe-licensed software.

The solution that Pablo has described elsewhere is for a different sort of document option -- turning off things like printing that are _allowed_ by default. Apparently the commenting functionality in the full version of Acrobat is one of the things that can be turned off in this way.

- Brooks

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