Re: animated gif in pdf files

On 24 Feb., 22:30, pluton <plutones...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
is it possible to embed animated gif into a pdf files. It would be
much slighter than a movie in itself.

Probably not, because movie compression, such as Mpeg or MP4, is much
more efficient than single frame based compression of animated gif.

According to the PDF specification embedding and playback of animated
gif should work, but Acrobat and Reader need a plugin (Realplayer, I
guess) for both tasks and the result doesn't seem to be portable.

From your showing up frequently in the fr.comp.text.tex and
comp.text.tex NGs I guess that you are looking for a way to embed
animated gif using LaTeX? You could try the animate package for that:

Although it does not support animated gif directly it can produce
animations from sets of bitmaps or vector graphics that run in all
Adobe Readers (version>=6) without the need for external plugins.
Existing animated gifs can easily be split into their constituent
frames using `convert' from ImageMagick:

E. g., for embedding with LaTeX:

convert animated.gif frame.eps

generates files: frame-0.eps, frame-1.eps, .... , frame-99.eps. A pdf
animation with 12 frames per second is built by


in your document source file. For pdfLaTeX you will need to split the
animated Gif into a set of PNG or JPEG files. The command for
creating the animation in the PDF remains the same.