Re: how to set page size in Acrobat 7

jamesL <james.a.lamb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Is there a way to set the page size of a PDF in Acrobat 7 standard?
The help text says mysteriously "The Crop Pages dialog lets you adjust
the visible page area... You can also change the page size of you
document in the Crop Pages dialog box; however, you must change the
page size in a different session." - what ever that means.

Which part is mysterious?

I have found the crop tool, which will allow me to take a uniform
amount off the page edges, but not to set the page size.

I have Acrobat Professional. Maybe the Change Page Size option is
missing in Standard? This option is there, but note that it can only
be used to increase, never decrease, a page size.

To emphasize, the document was created using OCR and all the pages are
slightly different sizes, so I want to make them all the same size,
not to reduce each by a uniform amount (otherwise they still end up
different sizes),

This is a problem. Maybe you could increase them to a size larger than
all of them, then (in a separate session, by which I mean you click OK
and go back into the Crop Pages dialog) you reduce to the required

My company's Quite Imposing plug-in has a "set all pages the same
size" function, but I believe it would be overkill for what you want.
Aandi Inston
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