Re: OpenSHH installation (Operating System G06, Release G06.32.00)

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We unzipped packages in OSS (openssl, prngd and openshh) with
following commands:
-tar -zxvf /tmp/prngd-0.9.27-nsr.tar.gz
-tar -zxvf /tmp/openssl-0.9.7g-nsr.tar.gz
-tar -zxvf /tmp/openssh-3.7.1p2-nsr.tar.gz

This should answer an earlier question of mine: you're on TNS/R,
Hardware, G-Series OS
What release, what does 'gtacl -p sysinfo' say?

When executing ssh from /usr/local/bin we get some output:

Which seems to stem from _RLDVERBOSE=3, right? Although my output
slightly different, I have additional emtpy lines.

/usr/local/bin: ssh -V
0001:Loaded Library '/usr/local/bin/ssh',
Segment base address = 0x70000000,
Rebase amount        = 0x00000000
0002:Loaded Library 'ZRLDSRL',
Segment base address = 0x765c0000,
Rebase amount        = 0x00000000
0003:Loaded Library '/usr/local/lib/',

Interesting, I'd have expexted this lib to get loaded and it does
look that
way on TNS/E, but it does not on our TNS/R G06.32 lab machine.

Segment base address = 0x60000000,
Rebase amount        = 0x00000000
0004:Loaded Library 'zutilsrl',
Segment base address = 0x76c00000,
Rebase amount        = 0x00000000
0005:Loaded Library 'zosscsrl',
Segment base address = 0x76660000,
Rebase amount        = 0x00000000
0006:Loaded Library 'zcresrl',
Segment base address = 0x76600000,
Rebase amount        = 0x00000000
0007:Loaded Library 'zcrtlsrl',
Segment base address = 0x76c20000,
Rebase amount        = 0x00000000
0008:Loaded Library 'zossksrl',
Segment base address = 0x76d40000,
Rebase amount        = 0x00000000
0009:Loaded Library 'zsecsrl',
Segment base address = 0x76640000,
Rebase amount        = 0x00000000
0010:Loaded Library 'zossesrl',
Segment base address = 0x76e00000,
Rebase amount        = 0x00000000
0011:Loaded Library 'zinetsrl',
Segment base address = 0x76ce0000,
Rebase amount        = 0x00000000
0012:Loaded Library 'zstfnsrl',
Segment base address = 0x77040000,
Rebase amount        = 0x00000000
0013:Loaded Library 'zossfsrl',
Segment base address = 0x76a40000,
Rebase amount        = 0x00000000
0014:Loaded Library 'zicnvsrl',
Segment base address = 0x76b40000,
Rebase amount        = 0x00000000
0015:Loaded Library 'zi18nsrl',
Segment base address = 0x76a60000,
Rebase amount        = 0x00000000
OpenSSH_3.7.1p2, SSH protocols 1.5/2.0, OpenSSL 0.9.7g 11 Apr 2005

When trying to generate keys we receive error:

/usr/local/bin: ssh-keygen
0001:Loaded Library '/usr/local/bin/ssh-keygen',
Segment base address = 0x70000000,
Rebase amount        = 0x00000000

*** RLD ERROR ***: DLL File Format Error: File ssh is a program; a
library was expected
/bin/-sh: ssh-keygen: invalid cpu specified to tdm_execve()

Where are these libraries? Should libraries be linked somehow?

There is no need to do anything special, not even _RLD_LIB_PATH
needs to get
I don't understand what goes wrong on your machine, it works just
as it
should on mine, S-Series, G06.32, as well as NS-Series, J06.10

What is your _RLD_LIB_PATH set to, what does PATH look like?

Bye, Jojo- Hide quoted text -

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My PATH looks like:

and _RLD_LIB_PATH=/usr/local/lib

The content of /usr/local/bin is:
/usr/local/bin: ls  /usr/local/lib
libcrypto.a    libssl.a

The error shows:
/usr/local/bin: ssh-keygen
*** RLD ERROR ***: DLL File Format Error: File ssh is a program; a
library was e

I would expect to have all necessary components.

Again, we are far from solution on our side.

How wild and crazy can you get with that system?  If possible, one
thing I would try is find the ssh program, temporarily rename it to
xxx, and see how that changes things.  Remember to rename it back to
ssh right after that test.

Did you ever try setting _RLDVERBOSE to 8 and see what additional
information it tells you when trying to run ssh-keygen?  That might
tell you nothing, but it might give some hint as to what is happening.

As I said before, I don't have any experience with this, so I'm just
guessing.  It really ought to work without all this trouble, as Jojo
said, but it doesn't for you.  All I can think of is try experiments
and look around to see whether anything looks like it might explain
what is happening.

You mentioned that you would expect that has all the
necessary components, but the output triggered by _RLDVERBOSE says
nothing about loading, so whatever it contains seems
not to be used.  I see Jojo said that, although _RLDVERBOSE shows
that gets loaded on a TNS/E, it does not get loaded on
the TNS/R he uses.  So what does that mean?  Maybe the program is
statically linked for TNS/R.  That still doesn't explain why it is
trying to load ssh though.- Hide quoted text -

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I renamed ssh from /usr/local/bin and another execution of ssh-keygen
requires ssh library to run.

/usr/local/bin: ssh-keygen
0001:Loaded Library '/usr/local/bin/ssh-keygen',
 Segment base address = 0x70000000,
 Rebase amount        = 0x00000000

0002:Searching for load file 'ssh' in Public library location.

0003:Searching for load file 'ssh' in Program's location.

0004:Searching for load file 'ssh' in location '/usr/local/lib'.

0005:Searching for load file 'ssh' in location '/lib'.

0006:Searching for load file 'ssh' in location '/usr/lib'.

0007:Searching for load file 'ssh' in location '/G/SYSTEM/ZDLL'.

*** RLD ERROR ***: FileSystem Error 11: File /G/SYSTEM/ZDLL/ssh NOT
/bin/-sh: ssh-keygen: tdm_execve(): failed with unexpected error
pr_errno=(4022) pr_TPCerror=(75) pr_TPCdetail=(11)

It is unclear why is even looking for it on our system? Will give it
more research now.

Well, that didn't tell us anything new, did it?  I agree that it seems
odd that ssh-keygen is trying to load something named ssh.  I have no
idea why it is doing that and seems not to do it on Jojo's system.  
I'm going to try to download the source and see whether I can spot any
clues in a quick look at ssh-keygen's source, assuming I can find it.

Okay, I looked around a little (on a Windows PC, not using a NonStop
system, so I cannot try anything).  The ssh-keygen object file contains,
starting about 1850 bytes into the file, the following:

ssh zutilsrl zosscsrl zrldsrl zcresrl zcrtlsrl zossksrl
zossfsrl zsecsrl zi18nsrl zicnvsrl zossesrl zinetsrl zstfnsrl zosshsrl

At first glance, this looks like the list of libraries it should load,
and ssh is right up front.  You said earlier that noft listed nothing
when you asked it to show the list of libraries.  Maybe this isn't a
list of libraries, but if not, I don't know what it is. contains this line:

ssh-keygen$(EXEEXT): $(LIBCOMPAT) libssh.a ssh-keygen.o
   $(LD) -o $@ ssh-keygen.o $(LDFLAGS) -lssh -lopenbsd-compat $(LIBS)

which strongly suggests that ssh is being named as a library in the
build.  I believe this file is only a sort of template for the actual
make file (which I believe is created by the configure script), and I
cannot see what the actual values are for LD LDFLAGS and LIBS, since
they are @LD@ @LDFLAGS@ and @LIBS@ -- which I believe are replaced by

So it seems that the make file, whether correctly or not, has listed ssh
as a library.  I don't know whether there is a way to modify the object
file to remove a library reference.  Maybe an easy way to try to work
around it would be to create a dll named ssh which contains just a junk
function, not related to anything, put it in /usr/local/lib and see how
far you get.  If you know how to create a dll, it should be easy to try
that.  If you don't know how to create a dll, I think it isn't hard, and
if you can't figure it out from the docs, maybe I, or someone else here,
can help you out with that.

It very well could be that just putting in a place-holder dll like that
won't solve the problem, but unless there is a way to remove a library
reference from an object file, I don't know what else you could try.  
Well, you could try rebuilding ssh from its sources, but I have a
feeling that is harder.

Once more, I don't know *anything* about this -- I'm just making guesses.

An easier way to create a place-holder dll might be to select some existing, unrelated dll and make a ...

read more

I tried to play with place holder dll but ssh-keygen now complained
about invalid format of file.
Well, have to dig more ...

From your very brief description, that sounds like the place holder wasn't a valid DDL file.  Without any more information, it is hard to guess why that happened.  If you want to try to create a valid DLL on your own, go for it.  If you want help, show us what you did to create the place holder and the exact error you got.

Are you trying to create a DLL of your own, or did you copy an existing one?

I copied existing one (/usr/local/lib/ into ssh library.
/usr/local/bin: ssh-keygen
*** RLD ERROR ***: DLL File Format Error: File /G/SYSTEM/ZDLL/ssh
incorrect file code.
What is the easy way to create a valid DLL for ssh?