Re: ssh on Tandem?

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You can get it for free
have managed to get it to work but it does require root (SUPER.SUPER) to

Doug Cowie

Rob Lesan wrote:
I don't mean to belittle any of the existing secure comm. products out
there, they are all fine products from good companies.

My problem is with HP and ssh on NonStop.

We run Linux, Windows, HP/UX, Solaris, and a handful of other
operating systems here. They ALL include some version of ssh shipped
from the vendor.

If I want the same thing from HP, it costs me an arm and a leg.


I have openssh installed and running on my NonStop servers, my
question is why doesn't HP support it on NonStop the way they do on
other platforms.

I don't believe that HP supports openssh on any platform. Certainly on none
I worked on.

on NSK there's now a new and supported product, SecureSH, which comes as
part of newer H-Series systems.
Actually it is the comForte product. And to be able to use it for anthing
else but OSM, an extra license fee and key is needed.

I have a number of problems with openssh and no time to solve them. I
simply expect the same support I get on other platforms.

You get exactly that. The same support that open source gets anywere else...

BTW: some solutions about openSSH are available in KBNS. Even if we don't
support it 8-)

Bye, Jojo

Ok, maybe I should not have stated openssh, but according to HP's
website, an openssh based product is available (for free) under HP/UX

It also supports Kerberos!

Kerberos is yet another dream I don't expect to be supported, but I
don't fully understand Kerberos authentication enough to discuss...