Re: HASH Algorithms

We use Bob Jenkins has for stuff like hash tables.

We used ELFHash for a while but it produces a lot of hash collisions.

We use CRC64 in one application as well.

MD5,SHA-xxx, etc are too CPU intensive for our needs and I never
bothered testing any of them.

I'll try and dig up the performance numbers for the ones I tested.

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sjensen8@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says...
>Greets All
>I've been searching for a better HASH algorithm.
>Used to use a simple CRC hash (so the comments said, I'm still learning ;)
>Now using Paul Hsieh's SuperFastHash. Which runs about the same speed but
>with better results with collisions/synonms.
>Are there any open-source HASH functions which are particularly efficient on
>Or, good websites to search for HASH functions so I can benchmark them?
>Hashing variable length strings into a 32-bit unsigned integers.
>Thanks much for the help,