Re: Why would anyone want a Foleo?

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Don't forget about the battery life. Palm is claiming that the Foleo
has five hours of battery life. Most ultraportable laptops are lucky
if they last more than an hour without having to recharge.

You haven't been in the market much recently, have you?

My 15.4" notebook gets over two hours (Sorry, I haven't measured it
beyond "can I watch two hour-long TV shows, including commercials,
without plugging in, while working" -- The answer is yes)

I get just over an hour with my GPS connected (via Bluetooth) and the
laptop continually mapping my location, listing nearby stops of
interest, and a few other goodies like that.

When I was shopping around some of the 12" units were offering 8 hours
of battery life according to the signage, so that means at least 3-4
hours of real use.

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