Re: Tungsten C out of stock

It is alleged that Arthur Hagen claimed:

; I don't want an earlier model, I want the *quality* and *simplicity* of
; earlier models, upgraded with today's features.

Two of those wants are mutually incompatible. You cannot have
something that is both simple and full of features.

; The design of the V/Vx was a killer. It's small enough that people
; always can carry it with them, and being metal and glass, sturdy enough
; that you can keep it in any pocket without fear that tension will break
; it, and massive enough that it won't jump out of your shirt pocket if
; running.
; Now upgrade it with new features, like a 480x480 "electronic paper"

You just doubled (at least) the size, or made the resolution too small
to read.

; or a 320x320 OLED screen for those who "must have" colour. Add USB 2.0

You just halved the battery life, or increased the battery size,
thereby increasing the size of the unit.

; High Speed, 802.11g WiFi, lots of memory and built-in flash, and an

More battery sacrifice in either capacity or increased size, or both.

; upgraded PalmOS 4.x on a mc68k, not running under an emulator on a
; power-hungry CPU.

OS4 is dead. OS5 is current. So sorry, but deal with it.

; It's a shame that the GUI is _less_ responsive on a 200MHz PalmOS 5 PDA
; than on a 20MHz PalmOS 4 PDA. Umpteen layers of abstraction and
; emulation on top of mediocre code does that -- compared to the lean,
; mean and effective code on earlier Palm PDAs.

My Treo 650 (OS5.4) is faster than my Kyocera 7135 (OS4.1) was. I
cannot compare it to my next previous, a Clie T615 because I sold it
two years ago.

; Light weight is not a plus if it means a bigger device. A four ounce
; small PDA will stay in your pocket a lot better than a six ounce PDA
; that's twice the size, and feel better in your hand too.

Maybe what you want is carbon fiber.

; On the other hand, the plastic isn't rigid and gives, leading to
; inaccuracies in screen recognition. Plastic is also less clear than
; glass, and has higher refraction.

Depends on the plastic and glass in question. I've seen non-reflective
plastic and glass that was nothing +but+ reflections (and no, it was
not a mirror). The screen protector I put on my Treo is plastic, and
has less reflectivity than the glass windshield of my car.

; > And of course plastic is economic so they could be sold at
; > a lower price.
; This isn't necessarily the main buying point for a PDA. Else, how can
; you explain how the Vx, initially at $450, was such a big seller?

I certainly could not afford the Vx when it was new.

; > My 2 newest models (TE and Z72) never crash unless I'm trying new
; > software. Which bug were you referring to?
; Where should I begin? Network UDP wake-up being broken in all 5.x

Why are you waking your PDA over the net anyway? Not saying your
statement isn't valid, I'm wondering why it's an issue.

; versions? Errors in memory consolidation after hotsync, leading to
; fragmentation and eventually running out of memory (try syncing 20 times

Is that OS5 in general, or NVFS in particular?

; in a row on a PalmOS 5 device). "Mad digitizer" syndrome? Graffiti 2
; (which is "broken by design", in that some combinations are incompatible

Graffiti 2 is a direct result of a lost lawsuit filed by Xerox.

; It's because they haven't launched a model that excited the market. Why
; that is, and why they did so well five years ago should be asked someone
; *NOT* working at or for Palm. I don't have all the answers, but I am
; pretty sure that continuing in the direction they've been heading since
; the the introduction of Zire and Tungsten is not the solution.

The original Palm was revolutionary. But, how can you make something
that simple exciting today? You can't. What to know what would excite
+me+? A cellphone/pda/media player combo with at least 20G of instant
access mass storage, and no camera, small enough to fit easily and
comfortably into a suit pocket (not that I wear suits, but it defines
the size I'm after).

; Remember that specs and price isn't everything -- the iPod still
; outsells all other MP3 players, despite not having the best
; functionality nor being cheap. It's damn expensive, has limited
; functionality, but it has a killer design and simplicity of use.

.... and as soon as I have ~$300 to spare on a new technotoy, I'm
replacing my iPod with something more functional.

Jeffrey Kaplan
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