Re: GOOG spammer (was Re: Google the video "9/11 Missing Links" …)

1. Ignore trolls.
2. PGP signatures on usenet posts is so 1992.

Alan, it seems your breath may be strong, but your skills are weak.

You continue to whine, months after I suggested you killfile me.
Well, it would seem your Thunderbird filters need a tune up.

For some reason you're name was removed from my "Plonk" list. Fixed.

> Now, why, exactly, is it, that you call me a troll, troll?

I wasn't calling _you_ a troll. I was telling [see 1. above] you to ignore trolls.

Replying to trolls is like providing scrap meat to a stray cat. It will just come back for more. And more. And attract more cats.

Nonetheless it's amusing that you go to all that trouble in your reply when all you really needed to do in the first place was:

ignore the troll

I hope that essential message somehow leaks through.

"Civilization is the limitless multiplication of unnecessary necessities."
-Samuel Clemens.