Re: Disk Utility vs Disk First Aid?

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Be very careful about mixing the disk structure of OS 9 and MacOS X.
There were changes to the filesystem in one of the releases that made OS
9 flag things as damaged when MacOS X didn't have a problem with it. I
stopped doing disk repairs in OS 9 altogether and only did them in MacOS

both support hfs+. there is no issue other than permissions and acls.

OS 9 still uses resource forks which were removed in MacOS X.

resource forks were not removed and still actively used, by apple.

MacOS X's zip and tar can deal with those modifications, I used Stuffit
for the longest time until I retired MacOS 9 and 10.4.11 entirely over a
year ago.

stuffit is useful for the occasional .sit file, but that's about it.

Also, OS 9 knows nothing about the Unix file permissions.


MacOS 9's Finder file attributes are separate from MacOS X's Unix inode

mac os 9's file attributes are still supported.

MacOS 9's Finder file creator and type data is changed to
file name extension at some point in MacOS X.

type and creator codes are still supported but they have a lower
priority than extensions.

Do some research on the
Apple web site to know what these issue are and make frequent backups.

yes, you should do both.

And stay away from Disk Warrior and anything by Symantec. They will
surely fowl up your system bigtime.

symantec will screw things up, but disk warrior is by far, the best
disk utility made. it's flat out amazing and will repair pretty much