Re: intel era to end?

On 2011-08-12 13:41 , Michelle Steiner wrote:
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In one of those articles intel acknowledge the signal from Apple. Intel
are keenly aware of the PowerPC downfall at Apple and Apple's
willingness to switch processor base. (This speaks very highly of Apple
OS s/w quality - portability).

Of course it could also mean Apple leaning to AMD if they could make
cooler processors. (I don't really know AMD's abilities in this

The articles I read indicate the AMD route, not the A6 route, for Macs.

I doubt that the public, even the most fanatical fanboi (with the possible
exception of Oxford), will accept yet another processor-family change for
the Macintosh within at least the next five years.

I agree with that. But Apple's spectacular rise over the past 5 years or so has given them swagger that could be painful to us users. Don't ignore the Apple strategy makers who could further blur the lines between the "computer" (Mac) side and the emerging portable computing line. There may be a strategy map at Apple that sees the complete disappearance of the Mac by 2020.

IAC it would be to Apple's advantage (and perhaps ours) to play AMD v. intel.

I've had both processor types across a variety of machines and except for benchmark peeking it doesn't make a hell of a lot of difference in use at any purchase point in time.

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