Re: Magic Mouse comments ?

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My apple mouse (or whatever its name is this week) has begin to exhibit
signs of failure, requiring more and more frequent cleaning of the
little ball. (trick of rubbing it against piece of paper as well as usig

I remember having to do that occasionally, and am glad those days are

Is there a consensus about the Magicmouse ?

I absolutely love mine much more than the Mighty Mouse!

Does it work well; ?

It works better than the Magic Mouse, IME. The touch pad is better than
any scroll wheel ever could be! Once you go touch pad, you'll never go
back! : )

How long do batteries last ?

The fact that I have to use batteries (My Mighty Mouse was wired and
needed no batteries) is the only regret I have using the Magic Mouse.

The Magic Mouse I use at home (for a consistent 12 to 18 hours every
single day) does require a battery change every two or three weeks.

The Magic Mouse I use at the office (just once or twice a week for 4 to
8 hours total), on the other hand, is still running on the original
batteries it came with.

Is the precision as good when you move it (for
instance, when doing graphic work, to presicely position it over a
pixel) or are the movements coarser because they tend to combine moves
to reduce number of bluetooth packets to be sent ?

I haven't noticed any reduction in precision going from the wired Mighty
Mouse to the wireless Magic Mouse. And I an extremely picky about
tracking, as you may recall from previous posts I have made about
wireless mice I have used in the past.

What type of batteries does it use ?

It uses two standard AA batteries.

Apple's battery meter for mice seems to be geared to standard
non-rechargeable batteries. Depending on what type you use, if use
rechargeable batteries, you may find that it reports less than a full
charge initially, and you may have to change them more often.

Anyone with a Macpro using this mouse ? I have found that Bluetooth on
my MacPro has week reception and I have to place my mobile handset in an
ackward position to get proper speeds for data transfers. Am worried the
Magic Mouse won't work well from my Desk.

This isn't an issue for a mouse. My Mac Pro sits under my desk. I have
absolutely no problems with my Magic Mouse.

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