Re: SNMP on OSX ?

To Barry Margolin: many thanks for the pointer.

David Empson wrote:

An earlier subthread mentions command line tools, but I'm dubious
whether you will actually get the information you need via SNMP.

That is something I need to test. I have a cisco router and cisco
switch, and those should have such counts available via snmp. I just
have to work to see if they do. The ADSL modem *might* have that, but I
have to see if it supports snmp properly.

There may also be certain sites which don't count towards your monthly
limit, e.g. traffic to/from the ISP's own web site.

The telco is intercepting traffic bewteen me and my ISP as PPPoE packets
and pretends its count is accurate, but at the CRTC, they had to admit
it isn't because it also has DPI equipment which purposefully drops
packets which are counted by its router.

So my count will not match that of the big bad telco, and will not match
that of my ISP, and my ISP's count will not match that of the telco. But
the telco will be billing the ISP for my particular usage. My ISP has no
choice but to rebill me those exhorbitant amounts and there will be no
mechanisms to contest those amounts. The ISP's own counter (once they
develop one) will not match the telco's.

By gathering accurate stats before and after the big bad telco, it
increases the odds of a succesful challenge of Bell canada bad counters
when going to the regulators.

The end result is that your own running count of traffic is likely to be
an overestimate of usage.

What the ISPs have seen so far was Bell's number being higher than their

If the ISP is going to be charging by volume, they should have some
mechanism to allow you to monitor your usage.

It isn't the ISP. It is the big bad telco which was supposed to provide
pointr to point raw data transfers and not be involved in all in this.
The service is capacity based.