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On 10-02-19 9:16 , Erik Richard Sørensen wrote:

Dan wrote:
Erik Richard Sørensen <NOSPAM@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Sorry, but MSOffice ISNOT any of what comes near to any standard. On
the other side, the OpenOffice ODF file format is now fully approved
and ISO certified as /the/ standard. And by this now the only
certified standard on all platforms. Microsoft tried hard to get both
DOC/DOCX, RTF, XLS/XLSX and XLM certified by the ISO Commitee, but
was totally rejected.

Sorry, but THE standard is what everyone uses, not what some ivory
tower committee proclaims is "the standard".

Surely I donot agree with you here - and even less since more and more
countries directly forbid the use of MS file formats in the
communication between the gouvernmental offices and the citizens. - A
few weeks ago also Denmark forbid the use of the MS formats and any
communication must be in either PDF format for docs that need no reply
or ODF format for docs that need entering data/information for reply use
back to the authorities. And within very few years the same will be so
for the whole European Union, where other countries already have made
this decision....

This does not change the fact that the de facto standard in most of the world remains MS Office formats, and still is in most of Europe, esp. amongst industry and NGO's as well as most government offices - regardless of fads to change.

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