Re: %#@*!@* grumble, back to installing "32-bit" apps from scratch

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Michelle Steiner <michelle@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

"There's no fundamental way the user experience of a
64-bit app should be different from that of a 32-bit one"

He is right; there is no fundamental way the user experience
would be different.

No, he is wrong. For example, try getting anything at all
resembling the same "user experience" out of the
"MacSpeech Dictate" app while speaking slowly into it,
while you are copying a large file in the background on a
32-bit system.

It just will not work.

Trying the same experiment on a 64-bit system yields
"acceptable" results.

Why? Because the 64-bit system has that slight extra
speed to make a _noticable_ difference.

See David Empon's posts for the reasons why.

The difference in user experience is even more pronounced
when using background apps that use a lot of installed ram,
as in the 64 GB of ram that the big Mac Pro has available.

Heck, it would even be noticable with the 8 GB of ram that
the present 17-inch MacBook Pro has available.

Don't take my word for it, try it yourself.