Re: %#@*!@* grumble, back to installing "32-bit" apps from scratch

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There _are_ 32-bit apps out there, for both Macs & PCs.

Those apps are crippled because 32-bit technology is not
yet fully implemented on _either_ Macs or PCs.

I hope that you meant to type "64-bit" in both cases.

I did mean 64-bit, not 32-bit, in both cases, which
should be obvious to anyone reading the entire thread.

Curse of the double-whammy; being half-senile because
of my age, and quickly grinding out my reply without proof-
reading it, when replying to some who seriously thinks:

"There's no fundamental way the user experience of a
64-bit app should be different from that of a 32-bit one"

Being, you know, actually a long-experienced developer for several 8-,
16-, 32- and 64-bit platforms...

Yeah, I do seriously think that.

I saw a truck today that had "AAA Batteries / Delivered and Installed" on the
side. My first thought was: That's a really weird business model. How many
inept people have urgent need of skinny little battery cells?