Re: %#@*!@* grumble, back to installing "32-bit" apps from scratch

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As far as I am concerned, 64-bit apps will not be
ready for prime time for years to come, on _either_
Mac or Windows hardware.

There's no reading of that sentence that actually makes sense.

Depends on how you look at my statement.

There _are_ 32-bit apps out there, for both Macs & PCs.

Those apps are crippled because 32-bit technology is not
yet fully implemented on _either_ Macs or PCs.



There's no fundamental way the user experience of
a 64-bit app should be different from
that of a 32-bit one.

You are kidding, right?

Not a bit. What difference do you think there should be?

I might have to get hold of a Mac newbie, because old-timers
like me have completely forgotten how to install the Mac OS
from scratch.<g>


Yeah. Putting in the installation media and double-clicking the
clearly-labeled installer can get confusing.

Actually, yes, particularly when it comes to answering invasive
personal questions like wanting my phone number.

How would _you_ feel if every time you purchased some
groceries at your local supermarket, that they demanded your
phone number before they would sell groceries to you?

Considering the installer does not require you to enter that
information, I don't think it's a fair comparison. It *asks* for the
information. As do the checkout clerks at half the stores I shop at.


I saw a truck today that had "AAA Batteries / Delivered and Installed" on the
side. My first thought was: That's a really weird business model. How many
inept people have urgent need of skinny little battery cells?