Re: %#@*!@* grumble, back to installing "32-bit" apps from scratch

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Mark Conrad <none-of@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Well, I had my adventure with 64-bit apps on both
the Mac, and the Vista partition on that Mac.

As far as I am concerned, 64-bit apps will not be
ready for prime time for years to come, on _either_
Mac or Windows hardware.

There's no reading of that sentence that actually makes sense. There's
no fundamental way the user experience of a 64-bit app should be
different from that of a 32-bit one.

I might have to get hold of a Mac newbie, because old-timers
like me have completely forgotten how to install the Mac OS
from scratch.<g>


Yeah. Putting in the installation media and double-clicking the
clearly-labeled installer can get confusing.

I saw a truck today that had "AAA Batteries / Delivered and Installed" on the
side. My first thought was: That's a really weird business model. How many
inept people have urgent need of skinny little battery cells?