Re: Does WEP key give away access to my data to another computer?

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P. Sture:
Where I live, there are a couple of international engineering companies
who always have employees and customers staying for anything from 6
weeks to 6 months, none of whom want to sign up for a year's contract
with an ISP. I keep my wireless connection switched off.

You live in a transient hotel?

Even so, WPA2 will protect you as much as possible from those nasty
engineers. If they want your data bad enough they'll do a surreptitious
entry and clone your HD.

Why bother? The guy from AT&T put a transparent proxy on his incoming
line months ago. The group from RSA added a MITM module for the
secure stuff during a particularly boring conference a while back,
using a compromised root certificate. We've got his screen up 24/7 in
the engineers lounge, where his credit cards and bank accounts pay for
all the refreshements.

Wireless? Who needs it.

It's times like these which make me glad my bank is Dial-a-Mattress