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researcher wrote:
Can I put USB plugs on a pair of Bose speakers and plug them into my
Apple G5 computer.

I haven't heard of USB with analog audio. I plug an iMic d/a converter
into my Mac's USB. That changes digital to analog audio. I use stereo
patch cords to take the audio from the iMic to an amplifier, which
powers my speakers.

Back around '01/'02 or thereabouts, Microsoft put out what they called
the "DSS-80" sound system.

Inputs were USB and stereo 1/8th inch jacks. I used them with my
PowerMac 7500 for years by simply jumping from the stereo out on the
machine to the stereo in on the speakers. Then I switched up to my G4
with a big cat. The DSS has been connected to the G4 with a USB cable
ever since - the stereo input has been empty since a week or so after
moving up to the G4 and changing to the USB hookup.

No D/A converters, no fancy anything, just "plug in the USB cable on
each end and it works". (Er, well, before it started working, I had to
choose the speaker system - which was correctly and fully identified by
a "no extras" install of X 10.3 - as the output device in the sound tab
of system preferences)

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