Re: PPPoE with Time Capsule

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Dear friends:

Does Time Capsule support PPPoE?

My Internet wide band provider gives me PPPoE in an ADSL phone line,
but I have been unable to configure my just bought Time Capsule to use
it. Also, in the manual there is any hint related to this issue. Does
it work?

It is curious, because any D-Link (or similar) wireless router support

Any hint?

I'd be stunned if it doesn't given that the AirPort base stations have
supported it since before the TC came out.

I assume you configure the TC using AirPort Utility or something almost
identical to it. If I go to manual configuration and click the Internet
icon at the top of the window the content area shows a set of 4 tabs.
The first is labelled Internet Connection and the first control is a
popup menu named Connect Using: which has an item named PPPoE.

I don't have DSL, but I do have a Time Capsule recently purchased. In
checking its setup options, I notice a "Connect Using" setting where I
can choose between Ethernet and PPPoE. So I'm guessing this will
satisfy the OP's needs.
Steve W. Jackson
Montgomery, Alabama