Re: How to turn off sound in Safari?

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RiKN wrote:
press the mute button on the keyboard.
I think that's kind of going to interfere with me being able to enjoy
music. :)
Do the websites have their own volume controls. This used to bug me at until I found the area the offending stuff was coming from
and then turned it down all the way.

Wish it were so. The considerate ones do. But it needs to be part of
the browser I guess. Its the only way to really control things.

Don't go to rotten sites, then. Or, if you have to go, politely inform
the 'master' how to put in a simple control to shut off the 'music'.

It's not just music. It's advertising now, and sometimes it's "below
the fold".

Absolutely. Its incredible what some web designers think the average
user wants to listen too. As if most of us don't have a mountain of
music files we could listen to if we want to listen to music. Often its
some inane, long winded narration that one could read in a few seconds
if they weren't distracting your concentration with audible words.

This brings up the huge problem in our modern age of waiting on hold on
the phone, and how few companies have grasped the opportunity to either
educate their customers on something about the company OR play soft
music (with no words to interrupt your reading!) so you can work
productively while on hold. I think one of the main reasons telephone
customer service people get treated so badly is that people on hold are
not considered to have any worth and it pisses them off. With a
speakerphone set on hold, waiting on hold is not so bad if you're busy
working doing other stuff. But if someone is babbling away or they
repeat the SAME MESSAGE over and over, it can drive a person crazy.
Then when that CSR comes to the phone you've got a lot less patience for
them. Ever call Paypal? Telephone torture. Countless other billion
dollar companies don't get it. There should be keypad controls so you
can choose to listen to info on the company, or pick the type of music
you want - but nothing with words!