Re: Sharing folders with Samba

Max <massimiliano.mosca@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have to share some folders that are in my Macbook HD and in some USB
hard drives and I need to share them using SAMBA

How can I do that?

do I have to install a samba server or is it included in the OS? how
do I configure it?

Mac OS X includes Samba.

Which version of Mac OS X are you running? The instructions are slightly
different for 10.4 and 10.5, and the easily accessible options available
in 10.4 might not be sufficient for what you want to do.

For both OS versions, the necessary features are in System Preferences,
in the Sharing item.

With 10.4, you can turn on "Windows Sharing". You can then log in to the
Mac from Windows computers on the network to access shared folders.

The default configuration may only allow you to access your home folder
and/or the system drive, not USB hard drives. I haven't done any
experiments with 10.4 and Windows Sharing recently so my recollection is
a little hazy. You may be able to adjust this behaviour by modifying
some configuration files or using third party software.

With 10.5, you can turn on "File Sharing" then click the Options button
to enable sharing via SMB. You also have a greater degree of control via
the user interface as to what will be shared, and the permissions for
different users.

David Empson