Re: Printing - what I see is not what I get

On Tue, 20 Nov 2007 00:51:43 -0500, The New Guy wrote
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I'm printing from Word and have noticed time and again that what I see
on the Print Preview under File is most definitely not what is printed
in terms of layout (margins are different) and font size which is far
bigger when printed. What am I doing wrong? Using Word 2004 version

the current version is 11.3.8

on OS X 10.4.11. Printing on to a generic Samsung laser

Did you set Page Setup for a different printer? Did you set the correct page
size (A4/letter/legal). Which font is in use? If a _bitmap_ font, you will
get unexpected results, OS X doesn't like bitmaps. If a TrueType, PostScript
Type 1, or OpenType, all should be well. If a PostScript Type 3, you
shouldn't get any output at all, OS X _really_ doesn't like PS type 3s. If
you print on a different printer, what happens? Is the Samsung a network
printer, a USB printer, or something else? If a network printer, how is it
connected to the network? By a built-in port, by an add-on provided by
Samsung, by an add-on provided by a 3rd party, by a print server of some
kind, by something else? Is it a PostScript printer or a PCL printer? What
kind of Samsung is it?

Obviously I'm very inexperienced with anything print wise.

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