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Is there anyway I can setup Safari to act like Firefox, in that I can
hit '/' (slash) and start to search a webpage?

I didn't know slash worked that way in Firefox. Wow! I haven't used
slash to trigger a search since I had a modem fast enough to stop using
lynx and archie in my dial up shell account. :->

All my muscle memory is keyed to command-f now, so I guess I'll keep it
that way, though.

This is strange.... In firefox I just start typing and the search field
appears at the bottom. It immediately starts finding, and then cmd-g
finds subsequent instances. No /

If you are interested, you can search without typing the '/'. In
"about:config", search for "accessibility.typeaheadfind", turn it to
"true" and with that option, you can search what you type directly,
whithout the '/'.

This is an option in the Preferences (at least in the latest version):

Firefox Preferences -> Advanced -> General -> "Search for text when I
start typing".