Re: Pros/Cons to putting external FW HD into my G4?

Jessica M. <notmyem@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have an external FW HD in a case with a really loud fan. I'm thinking
> I want to put it in my G4 Mirrored Door (two HDs in there now). What
> are the pros/cons, if any, to doing this? Yes, I know the absence of
> the loud fan in the case is a definite pro, but will putting it in the
> G4 make the G4 run hotter, thereby running the G4's fan a lot more?

The drive will add some heat to the G4's interior, but it probably won't
be enough to cause much change in the fan speed.

The only other cons would be that you'd lose portability and the option
to power down the drive, but it sounds like you're not using the drive
in that manner anyway.