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> Dorian Gray wrote:
> >
> > Are you sure there's nothing that can be done? Since the From: is a
> > disabled account, why don't we email <news-answers-request@xxxxxxx>
> > and/or <faqserv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> to ask that these outdated FAQ
> > postings are stopped?
> I did my part :-) I'll still killfile it if I get no response...

Okay, me too. The addresses that work are
<news-answers-request@xxxxxxx> and <abuse@xxxxxxx>. Let's see what
comes back. Here is what I emailed them:

Subject: Please stop these postings

On behalf of the readers of the following Usenet newsgroups, I would
like to ask that you prevent this FAQ from being posted to these
newsgroups from now on. Presently it is re-posted every two weeks. The
FAQ is obsolete, no longer updated (it makes no mention of Mac OS X,
which is approaching its sixth birthday) and little more than spam. The
email address of the maintainer has been disabled, and the FAQ URL is
dead. However the FAQ is archived at, so it won't be lost.

Yours faithfully,

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