Re: Sogo replace Google?

luxor1275bc@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> "Fetch, Rover, Fetch" <Fetch-Rover-Fetch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> >Ed Kearns wrote:
> >> I have an iMac G5, running Tiger. Several days ago, when trying to run
> >> Google, I got the Sogo site, a rather limited search engine. Over several
> >> hours, every time I typed in, I got Sogo. I tried a different
> >> computer, same result.
> >> I contacted Google, and they said they have no relationship to Sogo. They
> >> suggested I had some malware. I ran a check and nothing was found..
> >> That problem hasn't returned, but it bothers me. Any ideas?
> >> Ed
> >>
> > poisoned DNS server at your ISP
> If, indeed, it is poisoned, use:

My gmail POP stopped working.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Oh, I see it has: