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Harry <helpful_harry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > This trick will only work on the Apple floppy drives. If you have a USB
> > floppy drive, you're out of luck.
> I *think* that's only because the new USB drives don't (usually) work
> with DD disks because they aren't made any more.

the 800k (and 400k) floppies used a variable speed drive which only
apple used. macs have supported 1.4m floppies since 1987, so there is
no real reason for a third party to bother getting the variable speed
mechanism to support 800k discs.

> The sellotape trick above worked in the old days on various computers:
> Mac, Amiga, PC, Atari ST, etc. :o)

this did not work all that well. the magnetic properties of the
400/800s and the 1.4s were different and fooling it with tape was
*very* unreliable.

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