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> > Why would I want more than one button on my mouse?
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> > Seriously, Apple makes this sound so wonderful, but I don't know how
> > I'd use it or how it would be more convenient in everyday use.
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> > Or is it something that, if I had it, I couldn't conceive of not having
> > it?
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> At work once a Mac user starts using a 2-button mouse with scroll wheel they
> NEVER ask for their single button mouse. And when they end up on one of the
> few Macs here that still have Apple mice they whine.

I first learned to use 3-button mice 25 years ago on Xerox Altos and MIT
Lisp Machines, then got used to Apple's one-button mouse, and when I got
a job last year that requires me to use Windows as my main computer I
got used to its two-button style. I can deal with all of these.

But then I got a scroll wheel on my Windows PC, and *that* was the
killer feature. During our group's Yankee Swap last holiday season, I
ended up with a laptop travel kit that included a USB scroll-wheel
mouse, and I quickly replaced my Apple mouse at home with this, and now
I can't imagine not having a scroll wheel.

My mother also has a hard time dealing with an ordinary mouse -- she
can't quite get her mind around lifting it up and moving it when she
runs out of desk space. So I'll probably get her a Mighty Mouse, since
I have a feeling she'll like the scroll ball.

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