Re: original ibook, 1024 by 768 possible?

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I have an original Ibook (the 1999 version), it is upgraded to 288
megs and I just plugged in an airport card.
Also, I am running mac os 8.6 and am thinking about buying os 9 on Ebay.
Is there a big difference between 9.0 and 9.2? I just want to see if I
can make a reasonable extra web browsing computer out of this thing, and
with 8.6 it really isnt (web browsers always crash and get errors etc).

Mac OS 9 might not help a lot. It has been obsolete for six years, and
there is not much more in the way of web browsers available for Mac OS 9
compared to 8.6.

An original iBook is able to run anything up to Mac OS X 10.3.9, which
would give you a lot more choices in software, but the original hard
drive is too small, and you should have more RAM for better performance
(though 288 will be enough to run it).

If you were going to get Mac OS X, you will also need Mac OS 9 in order
to run your old software within Mac OS X, so getting OS 9 is a good idea

If you get MacOS 9.0, you can update from there; I don't recall whether
or not 9.2.x runs on the old iBook, but you should at least be able to
run 9.0.4 or so.

9.2.2 will run on any Mac which is supported by Mac OS X. This includes
all models with a G3 processor (as supplied by Apple, not third-party
upgrades), except the original "Macintosh PowerBook G3" (which was a
PowerBook 3400 with just the processor updated).

Slightly older models like the PowerMac 7500-9600 series stop at Mac OS
9.1, unless you do some hacks.

There isn't a lot of obvious difference between 9.1 and 9.2.2. Most of
the changes were to improve the operation of Mac OS 9 inside the Mac OS
X "Classic" environment.

There are several changes between 9.0 and 9.1, but it is a free update.

If you are going to buy some version of Mac OS 9 on eBay, make sure you
get a "full install" version (retail package), not a copy which was
supplied with a particular Mac model, as that is unlikely to work on
your iBook.

Do follow all the excellent advice above. I add, that on Intel Macs, should you ever get one, there is a workaround for installing classic, but it only covers OS 9.1. So 9.2 will be of limited and limiting use, should you want to go so far. If you keep your current computer for a while longer, you could start learning OS X at a beginning level, probably at a reasonable price, compared to the upcoming update to 10.5.

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