Re: MacBook Pro - Is it worth it?

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Hello everyone,

I am planning to purchase a 15' MacBook Pro later this year (once
Leopard is released) and I wanted to hear some opinions about these
computers. Are all the issues that people are reporting (i.e. melting
batteries, screen warping, discolouration, extreme overheating,
MagSafe cord melting, etc.) really common or are they simply being
propagated overenthusiastically by the select few who experience

I am an active member of a fairly large Mac Users Group. Several other
members have a MacBook Pro. I have a first generation MBP. I have no
complaints about the build quality of my MBP and I haven't heard anyone
else I know complain either.

Frankly, some of the issues sounded terribly frightening.

There were some isolated incidents, but nothing widespread and nothing
that hasn't happened with some of Apple's competitors' laptops.