Re: IOUSBFamily is having trouble enumerating a USB device

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I'm sometimes having trouble to connect my Canon digital camera to my
Powermac G4. In the console log I get the following message:

The IOUSBFamily is having trouble enumerating a USB device that has been
plugged in. It will keep retrying. (Port 1 of hub @ location:

Usually I have to restart my Mac to have the camera show up in iPhoto. I
sometimes get the same errors when trying to sync my Handspring Visor,
but then usually after 4 or 5 retries of the Hotsync operation I do get
a connection.

I've googled around and have seen that other people have similar
problems (with different USB gear), but I haven't found any solution

Anyone familiar with this problem, or, even better, know of a solution?

Is this with the standard USB port that comes with your G4, or is is a
USB2 card that you've added? I got this exact error when my Iogear USB2
card stopped working; I had to go back to the USB 1, which is slower but
still works. I haven't got arround to replacing the USB2 card yet.

The errors with the Canon digital camera happen when it is connected to
a USB2 card that I've added in one of the PCI slots. If I then connect
it to one of the standard USB1 ports, it communicates without any
problems. Other devices on the USB2 card (a bluetooth adapter and a
Logitech webcam work without errors.

The Handspring Visor is connected to an USB1 port.