Need Help Finding/Mounting "Lost" Ext. HD

I had a 60 GB external HD. Then, I bought a terabyte ext. HD and
"ejected" the icon of the 60 GB drive before formatting and
partitioning the TB drive the way its manual advises.

The TB HD mounted (and still is mounted)...but the 60 GB external drive

I've made multiple efforts to find it with Disk Utilities and demo
versions of

Applesoft File Recovery

DiskDoctors Mac Data Recovery


They all have beautiful graphics, but nothing has found and mounted the
60 GB HD yet.

It was working fine until I trashed/ejected it. I don't believe it is
physically damaged.

I use a G4, OS 10.4.11. The lost HD is a western digital model.

Any advice? Thanks to anyone who can help.