Re: Disk Image vs. Clone

TaliesinSoft wrote:
Erik Richard Sørensen wrote:
[commenting on the difference between a clone and a disk image]
If you use a diskimage, you can make such an image compressed, so the size is rather much smaller. A clon always has the same size as the original. - And another thing here... You can normally boot from a clon, which you can't from an image - compressed or uncompressed...

interestingly my SuperDuper "clones" are slightly smaller than the original, say 104 GB for the clone and 106 GB for the original. My understanding is that this has something to do with certain cache files not being needed in the clone.

I think you're right about this. Some other backup apps do the same... Normally I use 'Backuplist+' for making backups on an external Firewire disk, and the clon on the external disk is exactly the same bit by bit.

Sometimes I've also used the QuickBack from the Intech Speedtools 2.8.1. This app also 'forgets' the caches and archived log files that aren't necessary for a bootable clon.

cheers, Erik Richard

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