Optus webmail

I asked Optus:

On Mac Safari 3 in webmail when you select all for all the messages
to be ticked, they get ticked. But when you press 'delete all', you get
a message saying you have to select at least one. The act of deleting
all deselects the checkboxes and the error is then generated. This
means one has to tick each box individually.

(the boxes I refer to select one's messages and useful for selecting
lots of messages at once, impossibly boring otherwise). I rarely use
webmail but do for some things)

And they replied:

"Dear OptusNet User,

Thank you for your email.

This is a compatibility issue between OS X & OptusNet Webmail. There
should be a fix sometime in the future with a OS X update.

For the time being you'll need to use another browser or computer."

and I was perhaps unnecessarily cheeky in replying:

"Did you make this up or do you know that Apple know about this?"

to which they responded with a cold:

"Thank you for your email.

The information I've provided is not made up."

I suppose I better not tease them further. Just thought to tell you all.

Actually, I am suspicious that it is not a fault in their mark up and
coding. But have not looked into it.