Re: Copying/Extracting iTunes audio files?

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[A large scale database program whose documentation contains no
information on how to export copies of items in the database out of the
database -- this is good programming?]

Although I'm not firmly on either side of the argument as to whether
this is good programming, I can see the argument for assuming that the
user might expect "drag & drop" to be a reasonable thing to try.

I suppose said novice user could always experiment; and I do see that
dragging an item out of the library window puts a file with the same
name on the desktop. But of course the fundamental metaphor for the Mac
Finder from time immemorial (and for a number of other apps), is that
dragging _Moves_ and Option-drag _Copies_. So, iTunes does the exact
reverse? Do I have further check on this point?

Uhhh, you're not "in the Finder", you're copying to the Finder from
another application and the drag & drop rules apply. Drag an image off
a web page into a folder and you get a copy. Drag an image/block of
text out of a TextEdit or Pages document into a mail message and you
get a copy. And so forth. The paradigm you describe (dragging moves and
option-dragging copies) is typically the paradigm within a single
application/document/window and it really isn't all that consistent
there from the user's perspective. For example, Option-dragging in the
Finder copies if the destination is on the same volume, but not if the
destination is a different volume and simple dragging to a different
volume performs a copy rather than a move.