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I am considering purchasing this software, but here's the 'but'... I
understand via heresay that ARD can control a windows (or Linux)
machine provided it is VNC enabled; however I can't find any mention of
this on Apple's site, which is geared towards the more obvious use of
controlling a network of Macs.

Besides my Macs, it would be a hugely useful to me if I could run
windows on a real windows pc in a window on my PB. Regrettably, work
requirements dictate that an xp box is part of the family.

Can anybody who might be using this software confirm that it will be
compatible with a VNC enabled pc? TIA.

Unless there is some special feature of ARD you really really
need, I would not buy it.

Instead I just use free VNC software all around.

On the MacOSX system, "Chicken of the VNC"
With Chicken of the VNC, you can view other Macs, Linux boxes,
Windows boxes, and any other system that is running a VNC server.
I use it all the time.

TightVNC on the Windows system <>. TightVNC is
also available as a Windows client for viewing other VNC servers.

On Linux, the vncserver is generally already there, so you just
have to configure it. Linux also generally includes vncviewer for
accessing other VNC servers.

On the MacOSX, you can use the built in
System Preferences -> Sharing -> Apple Remote Desktop
Access Privileges...
VNC Viewers may control screen with password:
Or you can install OSXvnc

The differences between the built-in Apple Remote Desktop server
and OSXvnc are:
o OSXvnc uses the TightVNC compression protocols for better
performance on slower connections
o OSXvnc can connected to concurrent active Fast User Switched
o ARD server works with multiple monitors (OSXvnc only works with
the primary monitor in a multiple monitor setup.

Other options to consider. Timbuktu for Mac and Windows (does
cost money, but has better performance and more remote control

Others have mentioned the Windows Remote Desktop software for the

For Linux you could consider installing the optional X11 display
server on the Mac (you will find it on your installation DVD as an
optional install; you might have to look around for it). Then
just have the Linux box export the DISPLAY variable to your Mac,
or even better use ssh -Y to log into your Linux box and it will
automatically export DISPLAY back to your Mac. And as an added
bonus the ssh connection will be encrypted.

Speaking of encryption, it is possible to run VNC connections over
an ssh encrypted tunnel. Both MacOSX and Linux include ssh
software. I think you might need to install something like Putty
or Cygwin on the Windows box to get ssh software.

An ssh tunnel is very nice if you intend to send any of this
traffic is going out over the internet without the benefit of VPN
software. If you are staying inside of the corporate firewall or
using a VPN connection this is important.

Bob Harris