Re: Best MacOsX email client?

On 2006-07-23 13:25:30 -0700, Jeffrey Goldberg <nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxx> said:

Proconsul wrote:

You missed the boat in re the concept of "value"

Can you elaborate? Or at least explain what you mean as "value" and how
that relates to "price".

"Value" and "price" aren't related in the sense you pose the question.....

Value is a subjective concept where one can judge for one's self - using one's own criteria - as to whether or not the "price paid" was justified or "worth it"....

In particular, I'd be curious as to what theory you have that would make
"anything free worth what you pay for it" in a world where many people
donate time, money, or other valuables.

My opinion - not a "theory" - is that once you accept something for nothing, you cannot complain or be unhappy with what you got. It was "worth", in that sense, exactly what you paid for it.

Further, the notion that "freeware" is somehow a noble concept of generosity to the world is a tad extreme. I don't presume to understand the motives of those who give away their work - if you want it to be justified, ask them. Personally, I prefer to be paid for my work - an exchange of "value" for "value".

Applying that standard, if you "value" your work at "nothing", i.e., give it away for "free", then don't be surprised if the beneficiary of your gift assigns the same "value" to that work.......